A Comprehensive Article on us by Susan Myrland in the U-T!
San Diego's emerging art scene: Art Boxed San Diego

"Think about public art. What comes to mind? Usually it's a mural or a sculpture in a park. A committee approved it, taxpayers funded it, and it will be around for a long time.

We have public art like this. Every city does. For the month of October, we have something more."

CityBeat Article on MCASD's 'Think Tank' collective and the container their tackling for Art Boxed
Think Tank brings on the news

“It’s been important as an experiment; it’s allowed us to get to know each other, collaborate and build a network,” [Perry] Vasquez says.

The Urbanist
A Shout out from Voice of San Diego's Kelly Bennett
Fall Arts Preview

“San Diego is gaining a reputation as a city that welcomes and supports experimental art and alternative exhibition projects,” organizer Shawnee Barton told U-T arts blogger Susan Myrland.

Art Boxed SD: A HIghlight of Fall for the Arts Month!
All Art All October

"Those who want to get to know San Diego artists on a more intimate level can do so thanks to this fun exhibition." -- Nina Garin

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